AGMK/AC again face a significant building challenge, as we respond to the requirements of MKCouncil’s Building Control who are keen that we comply with 2019 Building Regs.  Whilst our layout is OK, and passes fire service requirements, BC are requiring us to strengthen all our partitions, bolt them down and apply flame-resistant paint.  We’re also taking the opportunity to create another 20 studios to the revised spec. We don’t just want people with strong DIY and construction experience, we can take willing beginners, tea-makers and creative entertainers.

You and others have been very supportive of Arts Gateway in the past, helping us build various iterations of Arts Central, and with other projects.  Any chance you might have some spare time to help us again over the next 12 weeks, the timescale we are given?  We realise people’s lives and commitments are very different, so are drawing up a programme of work-sessions that fit people’s availability.  If you’re likely to have time over April and May, please join us every Saturday from 1pm.

In any event, if you’ve not seen 20 Burners Lane lately, do come and have a look around.